As it is our passion and determination to consistently deliver the best roasted coffee, all the effort would be a waste if it was not able to be brewed correctly. This has naturally led us to shift our attention to the equipment required to brew these perfect beans, as it is just as important to have the right commercial coffee machines and coffee grinders for your set up. With our love and knowledge for the greatest coffee possible, it is essential for you to have the right equipment to be able to extract the optimal flavours and characteristics of our specialty roasted coffee.

We are not just committed to providing you and your business with specialty coffee but also with tools to deliver the prefect brew with. We are dedicated to providing businesses with commercial coffee machines and coffee grinders to enable your business to achieve the best quality and consistent coffees. We understand that the right equipment is essential for your business to succeed, we look at your business and aim to tailor equipment packages to best suit the needs of each business.


Gesha Coffee Co has partnered up with the best companies La Marzocco, Synesso, XLVI, Orchestrale for coffee machines. Mazzer, Mahlkonig, Anfim and Slingshot for grinders. We are confident to provide reliable and capable equipment together with our specialty coffee to give your business the ability to stand out from the crowd.

With our own in house and fully trained technicians all the equipment is installed by our team, which is planned around you to ensure a fast and hassle-free installation. We also provide ongoing scheduled servicing and repairs to ensure your equipment is always working 100% from your coffee grinder to your commercial coffee machine.

So, if you are looking for commercial coffee machines and coffee grinders for your café? We have you covered! Our showroom at our Bibra Lake premises has commercial coffee machines and coffee grinders on display allowing you to view the latest equipment.

We are happy to discuss your business needs here so please contact us to enquire how we can tailor an equipment package together for you.


At Gesha, we only sell and supply equipment that we’ve trialled ourselves. We make sure that you have the tools to operate as smoothly as possible, the same tools we use at for our own café. If you are looking to speed up your cafés workflow and create consistent milk for your coffees, you might be looking for a sophisticated automated milk frother, we recommend the Barissima 1 Milk Frother.

The Barissima 1 Milk Frother is by no means a replacement for your barista’s skill. Instead, it’s a great complement to a great barista and can instead help them free up their time. By reducing manual steaming time, this frother helps you make time for customer-barista conversation and interaction, even in the busiest periods, while still producing silky, latte art quality milk.

The Best Quality Milk
The Barissima 1 Milk Frother produces perfectly textured milk, every time. It also measures and produces the milk at exact temperature, so you can be sure every cup of coffee is a great one. Flat white, lattes and cappuccinos are all possible, the Barissima’s easy to use interface allows you to select and switch between different textures and pre-sets.

Easy Clean
With an automatic cleaning program, the Barissima is simple and easy to keep clean. Like all of our commercial equipment, you can have the confidence that our dedicated team of coffee professionals will provide comprehensive servicing and maintenance around your schedule.

High-Volume Milk Production
The Barissima 1 can froth milk for around 240 drinks per hour, with high accuracy and milk consistency. This makes this machine perfect for busy cafés, as well as a great piece of equipment to have handy when pouring coffee for festivals, concerts and other high-volume events.

Milk Frothers in your business

Like all of our coffee equipment, we have a team of fully trained technicians behind the Barissima 1. Our experts are able to install and service the machine, as well as share some of the tricks of the trade behind using this automated milk frother. We can also run training sessions with your staff to get the most out of your investment.

If you’re on the fence and still have questions, we’ve got you covered. We want to make sure you have the right equipment for your café to function at its best, so chat to one of our coffee specialists about how we can tailor a custom equipment package to suit you, including installation, servicing, maintenance and the complete support of our dedicated team of coffee experts.

Of course, you are welcome to visit our Bibra Lake showroom for a hands-on trial, or contact us to discuss how the Barissima 1 can help your business serve the best coffee to your customers and increase your sales.



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