GESHA Coffee Co. specialty coffee roasters Perth, was established in 2014 in the city of Fremantle. Since then we have grown and are now dedicated to roasting and packaging specialty coffee beans from the finest origins around the world from our Roastery in Bibra Lake, Western Australia. As a specialty coffee bean roaster our purpose is to bring exceptional roasted coffee, equipment and service experience to coffee lovers in Perth and around Australia and abroad.

We roast and package coffee beans daily from Perth WA and supply the best local and regional businesses and independent supermarkets in metro and regional Western Australia. We’ll also deliver directly to your door Australia wide from our online store.

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GESHA Coffee Co. has now grown its locations and wholesale distribution network locally and internationally, roasting batches of high-quality specialty beans daily from our roasting facility located in Bibra Lake WA. We roast using green coffees sourced from the finest origins around the world. We source green coffee from single farms and estates where the focus is on quality, provenance, sustainability and fair relationships with the growers.



Our products are roasted, then vigorously tested by our roasting team and Q Grader in our sensory lab for quality control and consistency. The coffee is then packaged and prepared for delivery to supply our wonderful retail and wholesale customers and partners located in metro and regional WA, Australia wide and internationally.

We have developed a range of flavour profiles and selected beans from single origin farms to deliver a full range of coffee products to which have been tried and tested across many traditional and modern brewing methods. These categories consist of coffee blends, single origin beans and black label beans, coffee capsules and now cold brew.

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Full bodied with Dark chocolate and toffee flavours with low to no acidity, creating a smoky velvet crema.


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A full-bodied blend stronger in taste, notes of  dark chocolate, nuts and malt that holds up rounded in the palate.


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A beautifully balanced blend with tropical fruit aroma, mild in taste with a sweet and fruity flavour and delicate citrus acidity.


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This livelier blend with bright floral and fruity aroma, bursting with syrupy sweetness of raisins and with medium acidity that carries through to a winey finish. With milk enjoy the flavours of sugary cream, milk chocolate and cashew.


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Decaf Coffee BEANS 1kg

Mountain water process coffee with nutty aroma and smooth finish, clean and medium-full body. Flavours of nutmeg, brown sugar with a smooth and long finish.


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This NASAA Certified organic blend showcases rich chocolate and nutty flavours with a delicate fruity aroma.


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Our Flagship store and café located in Fremantle WA where it all began, is open 7 days for breakfast and lunch, with the full range of our roasted coffee beans, capsules and cold brew available to take home. Open 7 days a week for breakfast and lunch and fully licensed giving you more drinks options to enjoy with meals. We offer changing seasonal menus that reflect the produce that our chefs can get their hands on also mouth-watering in-house baked delights.

Our café is perfect for a casual relaxed dining experience to individuals up to large groups – we even host functions and provide custom menus tailored to your event by our Chefs. The building space is warm and inviting with large alfresco dining that can be enclosed and suitable for holding large groups and bookings while being protected from the elements. Next time you are in Fremantle WA, come and experience our coffee and let us entertain your tastebuds!

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We know that without the correct knowledge and skills to brew the perfect coffee and to use the equipment correctly, all the hard work put into research and sourcing alternative products, roasting and equipment selection can go to waste.

At our Roasting Warehouse in Bibra Lake, we have a dedicated facility to offer training and education to our existing and future clients, in addition to running professional barista and industry recognised courses to get you on your way in the coffee and hospitality industry.

We also offer private group education experiences for the public who wish to polish up their at home or office barista skills, have a bit of fun as a group corporate or team building experience whether that be learning Latte Art skills, coffee cupping experience or alternative brewing workshops.

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Our team has extensive knowledge with the real-life experience in the hospitality scene from owning our own Gesha Coffee Co flagship café. When you are partnering up with us for wholesale services, you’ll keep progressing forward in this ever-evolving dynamic coffee scene.

Our dedicated team can offer support in business operations, technical support, barista training and excellent customer service. We have the resources to get you out of trouble if you run short of anything all while providing our signature specialty roasted coffee beans. With our exceptional service and support we see ourselves as more than a coffee supplier and rather a partner in your business to help ensure its success.

We also know a thing or two about how coffee is consumed out of the café scene and in peoples homes, offices and places of work. We understand that traditional brewing methods aren’t always the solution for all environments, which is why GESHA offices tailored solutions and packages designed specifically for the office and corporate environment in mind, incorporating automatic machines suited to be used with our GESHA coffee.

Our automatic coffee machines make barista quality coffee simple, available for rent or purchase, they are designed for exclusive use with our specialty coffee beans. From automatic fresh-milk machines to traditional café set up, our equipment is reliable, user friendly and delivers a perfect cup of coffee with easy brew. Espresso, Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate or a Spicy Chai, our machines can do it all.

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