To create the perfect coffee, the secret lies not only in finding the perfect roast and having the right knowledge and skills. You also need the best quality equipment. We have committed ourselves to finding the best machinery and equipment for use in your café or hospitality business. When it comes to coffee grinders that create the best quality coffee, we recommend Ceado. 

Ceado equipment comes with over 50 years of Italian heritage and all of their high-speed grinders are hand-made in Venice. With innovative design and grinding precision at low noise levels, their E37 coffee grinders are a great investment for the overall efficiency and performance of your coffee operation.


Silent Grinding

We all know how loud and distracting conventional coffee grinders can be. The Ceado E37 family of coffee grinders are soundproofed, making them the quietest on the market. The E37 range grinds beans at a softer sound level than a normal conversation, creating better café ambience without your customers and staff having to yell at each other. 

Grind & Leave

With a snuffle snoot and portafilter catch, you can leave the E37 to grind and distribute coffee doses into all kinds of portafilters. We know that by allowing baristas to more hands-free time, they can focus their skill on other areas in order to pour the perfect coffee.

Smart & Easy Servicing

Our Ceado E37 coffee grinders all operate with revolutionary flat burrs and an anticlogging system. Ceado machines also have easier access to the burrs of the machine compared to conventional grinders, which as maintenance technicians, we know makes maintenance simpler and any problems easier to fix.

Adjust Grind Easily

Changing gears during peak service can sometimes be finicky. For the perfect cup of coffee, accuracy is key. Quick set gears on these automatic grinders makes setting and changing grind easier for your baristas. Combined with a touchscreen display for setting grind amounts, these functions will make it easier to brew the perfect drop, every time.


Coffee Grinders Perth

It’s our passion to provide the best service and if you’re unsure of how to fit a Ceado grinder into your coffee operation, our coffee technicians are here to help. We understand that the best equipment is an investment, so at Gesha, we’ll work with you to ensure the best coffee and appliances are more accessible for you.

We stand behind this specialty equipment, you can be sure you have the full support of our team with installation, training and maintenance.


Ceado single burst coffee grinder

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