We know that without the correct knowledge and skills to brew the perfect coffee and to use the equipment and all alternative products, all the great sourcing, roasting and equipment selection can go to waste.

We believe it is essential to spend the time with your team of baristas and staff, to ensure they have all the information, skills and techniques on how to use your equipment to produce the most delicious beverages possible. With our barista training courses we can ensure you and your staff have the confidence and skills for the real café environment. Our aim is to skill you and your staff with the tools and knowledge to be able to produce consistently perfect coffee in a timely manner that will ultimately allow your business to prosper.

We provide training for all our clients to make sure you and your staff are given the knowledge and tools to create the perfect cup and everything involved in the coffee station. From beginners to experienced baristas we offer information and practical barista training to enrich them skills and information to grow. We want to teach and equip you and your staff with the new skills and also inspire them to constantly better themselves to improve and grow in their coffee knowledge and skills.

Training Barista Course Perth

From our dedicated hands on barista training courses held in our Bibra Lake Training facility, you and your staff will be shown how to create the perfect coffee from espresso extraction to texturing milk on our purpose-built coffee stations. Our trainers will also explain and run through all the alternative products that are needed to compliment your coffee offerings and run through all aspects of the coffee set up, making and closing of the coffee station in your premises combined with practical advice to get the perfect drop.

With our vast knowledge in the coffee and café industry, and constant global research, we are always up to date with the latest equipment, products and trends to ensure that your business stands out. We do this so you can rest assure when you choose Gesha Coffee Co as your coffee supplier that you are partnering up with us for support and training to keep progressing forward in this ever-evolving dynamic coffee scene.


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